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HopfenHöhle PREMIUM - The PREMIUM HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler Package

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199,- EURO: is the unbeatable special price for our PREMIUM HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler Package... more

199,- EURO: is the unbeatable special price for our PREMIUM HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler Package - including HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler LIFT, Artificial Turf Lid and Flip-Top-Bottle Hangers!

With our HopfenHöhle LIFT  Beer Cooler your chilled beer will ascend to you - automatically and smooth - by our unique hydraulic system. All you have to do is: Unlatch the bottle-holder and two-thirds of your chilled beer will rise up from the ground. IT’S MAGIC!

If you want to hide your HopfenHöhle from curious neighbours, this is the perfect gadget: using our hilarious lid with artificial turf, your HopfenHöhle becomes invisible in your garden. The weatherproof lid is the perfect camouflage for your HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler.

With our brand new Flip-Top-Bottle Hangers you are now able to put up to 15 flip-top bottles into your HopfenHöhle PREMIUM. These special beer bottles - with the characteristic PLOPP sound - are very much liked around the world. Just attach the stainless steel hangers to your HopfenHöhle bottle-holder (you can easily put them into the small holes) and then hang-in the flip-top bottles. Of course you can still mix all kinds of bottles that fit into the bottle-holder. 

With the HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler you are able to keep your beer in a chilly and dark place – just how it is recommended by well-known beer craftsmen. Imagine your next garden party and how your chilled beer magically ascends from the ground; your guests will love it!

All you need is a small patch of garden: HopfenHöhle PREMIUM Beer Cooler just needs a 20cm wide and 95cm deep burrow. 

Whenever you 'll get thirsty – e.g. while having a barbecue or working in your garden – don’t make the beer run, just open the lid, take out a bottle and CHEERS!

Here are all features of the HopfenHöhle PREMIUM at a glance:

  • Climate-neutral: Keep you beer chilled without having to use any electricity. 
  • Technical features: high-tech lid: thermally insulated, UV-resistant, with pressure relief valve and ventilation. Thick-walled cladding tube, impact- and weather-resistant. The watertight bottom keeps out any humidity or vermin. Including semi-automatic system: the hydraulic damper  LIFTS up your beer automatically.
  • Made in Germany: professional construction, bottle-holder with handy click-in system for 15 bottles and a secure grip. Plastic framework with handle for an easy pull out, incl. bottle-opener. 
  • Including 15 pieces Flip-Top-Bottle Hangers made of non-corrosive stainless steel for almost every kind of flip-top-bottles, for the HopfenHöhle PREMIUM bottle-holder 
  • Artifical Turf Lid: waterproof, UV-resistant high-tech lid with isolation, pressure relief valve and weather-resistant artificial turf.
  • One for all: Almost all bottles with crown-caps fit into the bottle-holder, but also PET bottles, small wine bottles a.s.o. Just give it a try...

Ø200mm cladding tube, bottle-holder with handle and bottle-opener, watertight and UV-resistant lid. 
Delivery without bottles. Comes in original HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler parcel.

 EAN Code: 4062439081544


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18 Jan 2022

Gute Kombi

Perfekte Kombi, wenn man die Hopfenhöhle auf dem Rasen einbaut.

10 Sep 2020

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